VietnamRider Travel specializes in organizing adventure car or motorcycle tours throughout Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand.

Reviews (6)

Cameron Parker

from United States, January 2018

"Had a good time"

The ride was great, even the days when it rained. Hung did a great job of showing me the everyday lives of the Vietnamese people. We stopped at several local, family run businesses and many points of interest. We did much more than drive down the road from town to town.

The hotels were better than expected, even though one didn't have any hot water in the shower. The food and drinks were always good. Hung knew lots of local places and the prices were good.

David Barnhouse

from Guam, December 2017

"Authentic Vietnam on Two Wheels"

This trip took us through the countryside, where we experienced small shops run by families, little road-side grass roofed diners, and wonderful views. It felt authentic and wonderful. It was one of the best experienced I have had on vacation.

Marc Swanborn

from United Arab Emirates, October 2017

"Dalat - Saigon "

The trip covered a nice part of Vietnam. From mountain roads to the coastline.

Brett Sherwood

from Australia, September 2017

"Great Adventure "

The tour from start to finish was amazing. Hung was a great, funny and knowledgeable tour guide. Unfortunately the battlefields part of the tour was closed by the government so we bypassed it and went to Dalat later in the week instead which was a beautiful last minute addition to the tour and much appreciated. Everyday was filled with enjoyable activities and I learned a lot about all the places we visited and the people. Thoroughly recommend the tour as very well organised.

Mark Darby

from Australia, August 2017

"5 day coastal Tour with Mr Nam"

Very beautiful scenery and off-road riding. Informative guide with excellent English and great knowledge of the Vietnamese History spots

Steven Wilson

from Australia, July 2017

"Stranded on a Bike in South Vietnam"

My Host Nairn Phung was more like a mate. I will keep in touch. Funny, great navigator and extremely social. We took the piss out of a lot of things. We found some great local places to chill, local food interactions and off course hit a few cans ???

If I wasn't happy Nairn found a way to improve. More challenging roads, different spots. We even got a real life interaction with a police roadside patrol.